Have you added your local heritage organisation website to the UK Web Archive ?
The UK Web Archive endeavours to collect and preserve as many UK websites as possible in order to document our online national heritage for future generations. We do this through automated “web crawls” which retrieve websites that we can identify as being published in the UK, for example those on UK top level domain names, such as .uk, .cymru and .scot and those we can manually identify as being published in the UK.

This is a huge task and naturally there are vast numbers of websites that we miss simply because we don’t know about them.

We would be very pleased to hear of UK websites that you think we should be archiving. Perhaps you own or edit a website that we are not already collecting? We archive all kinds of website, from official publications to more personal or even quirky websites. Please do submit the details on the short form below.

Thank-you from the UK Web Archiving Team.

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