GIS mapping is something many of us may have looked at, and then moved past as being too much for us to do as individuals, small organisations.
Open source technology means that GIS interactive maps are VERY much in our reach

GIS mapping

  • is FREE
  • is Open Source – a whole community of tech working around the world
  • is multilayered
  • is complex
  • is simple
  • is accessible.


As part of the ABMHF Creating Connections 2024 project we have Sara McGourty who has researched and implemented the ways that GIS can so enhance our understanding, interpretation and demonstration of our heritage,

  • whether that is mapping an island,
  • identifying the graves in a graveyard,
  • putting people from census records to the places they lived.
  • identifying places of interest related to a clan or family
  • intepreting the archeaology of an area
  • Pretty much if a record can have a location ascribed to it then it can be part of an interactive map.

There are also a wide range of FREE resources that can be included simply once we know how the systems work.
Canmore and Maps are just a few of these.

Some of us have used google maps to create a useful display of local information ..
eg Luing has added lots of their prehistory to a google map
and Ardchattan parish has a start of the places of the parish

These are really great resources
But they are limited in what can be done, and what can be added

this link illustrates the very beginning of what we could achieve – this is very much first stage of what we will learn

As part of the Creating Connections project we will also be creating a map for Argyll and Bute Heritage for this website


Sara will be leading 4 workshops, please join in and see what you can do.
Even if you decide that you do not want to do it yourself in the future, you will have so much more understanding if you are commissioning someone else to do a GIS mapping funded project.

these workshops are online, through February and March 2024 – from 2- 3.30 pm

1 – 14 February : Introduction and illustration of what GIS can do  : eventbrite link to book tickets

2 – 21 February : Detailed introduction to the basics for those wishing to exploit the potential of GIS and homework to do this ourselves : eventbrite link to book tickets

3 – 6 March : Implementation – we will have set our GIS up and now learn how to add layers and what is possible : eventbrite link to book tickets 

4 – 20 March : Interpretation – exploring the further potential of this, creating topography,  : eventbrite link to book tickets

As part of the project and beyond we will establish a support group with other GIS expertise to be able to continue to support each other as we develop and explore our maps after the workshops.

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