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Please download our membership form, fill in and return to our secretary :  This form is for Individuals – ABMHF Membership Form 2022  and This form is for Institutions – ABMHF membership form 2022 so you can be included in any news and information about activities and events (remember we have had to delete all past contacts, so, however long you have been established, we cannot contact you without a form)
You can also join online – : Organisation 2022  – or –   Individual 2022

In the last couple of years the Argyll and Bute Museums and Heritage forum has reformed to represent all in Argyll and Bute who have an interest in Heritage, individuals, volunteers or professionals. Our membership includes people who enjoy local history as a hobby, those who work in Museums, who run businesses connected to our local history, who organise and attend walks, talks, activities and events, and those dedicated folk who care for sites and gather local history at local archives.

The 2021 collaboration with CHARTS to create, fund and execute the Heritage Heros project is a major advance in attracting young people into many different local heritage situations.

Museums Galleries Scotland have initiated their Heritage Forums project and ABMHF are in close contact with Devon McHugh, our area representative.

In 2020 / 2021 the forum activities were severely curtailed by the global pandemic, however, we did set the Forum up as a full Scottish Charity – SCIO – and organised successful conferences for each AGM.

We continue to pass on information to members that we hope our members appreciate and find useful, and have open ears to any suggestions how we can serve the Heritage sector of Argyll and Bute best.

Our 2019 Conference was attended by an enthusiastic group representing Heritage across the sector, and across the area.
It was very heartening to the committee members to receive such support and for our Heritage to be such a vibrant area.
A number of plans for the forum were discussed, the forums place alongside CHArts and other organisations, and we are looking forward to some interesting years ahead.
Autumn 2019 has been a busy time working towards a highly successful conference in Oban inviting people in from all across the sector, from tourism, and across the country. It was an amazing atmosphere, lots of networking, plenty to learn from each other and great inspiration for the future.
George MacKenzie launched the Ancestral tourism in Argyll initiative, we heard from many different voices and enjoyed all the stands and the great food !

You are very welcome to join us and remember – Individuals with an interest in our heritage are as welcome as the institutions. Please join for yourself to learn and be part of the interesting and exciting things happening in the heritage world of Argyll and Bute, we want your voice.